Purse & Clutch, leaving a Fingerprint

The very best thing about a handbag: When a girl  puts on a few pounds, a handbag can give her a "pick me up" because it doesn't reflect what that silly old bathroom scale says. Purse & Clutch, an online boutique  has plenty of bags to choose from and they speak loudly about who they are and what they're about. Owner and Operator, Jen Ardill created her business to be a conduit, connecting artisans who might otherwise not earn a living wage to Western consumers, looking for beauty, style and quality.

Featured are the Classic, A-Line and Button Clutch. Each bag is made of cotton that

is carded, spun and woven by hand. Currently, all products are made in India.

Fabric designs range from classic to whimsical to contemporary and colors include earthy hues of  mustard and brown,  neutrals plum and red and then beautiful bright spots of blue that would get many a girl to "get her spring on."

Scarves and table runners are also available.

Fabrics are block printed in local shops, lined in a cooperative for those affected with leprosy and stitched together at a vocational training center for battered and abused women. Each step in the development of these products creates jobs, jobs and more jobs.

In the 1800's, women spent a great deal of time embroidering their handbags, showing them off for potential husbands. This kind of detail is not a lost art @ Purse & Clutch. The exquisite detail appeals to the fashion forward consumer in the Western hemisphere, which ultimately creates independence for our less fortunate global brothers and sisters.

Every fashion season brings new and fresh fabric designs with it. Each item is unique and once sold, cannot be found again.

Jen is a woman who is leaving her Fingerprint in other women's lives.Add to your wardrobe @  Purse & Clutch . Make it a part of  your list of online  favorites and join Jen as a supportive member of a global community.


Jen Ardill-Person style;I like to focus on classic shapes and surprising color combinations.

Inspiration;I am inspired by the desire to be resourceful and enjoying finding new uses for clothes that have been in my closet for years. I am also inspired by the creativity of my dear friend Stephanie Press from Hold Vintage (www.hold-vintage.com). She inspires me to be bold and try new clothing pairings.