The Pink Ladies

No, Pink Ladies doesn't mean the cute and popular singing gang led by tough Rizzo in the 1970's movie Grease.  As I little girl, however, I did always long to be Stephanie in Grease II and sing on a tall ladder "Cool Rider" as I transformed my pink lady jacket into a tough, black shiny jacket as the man of my dreams watched with desire!  But, even though my dream never came true, I still can be Pink Lady, just of a different kind.  The difference is this type of Pink Lady is a  more powerful one than I ever could have imagined!

This year as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness, we all can play a part by simply wearing the color pink just to draw attention to the cause.  There's also some clever ways you can donate your resources to research while you stock your closet and accessorize you home.

So ladies, it's time to become a Pink Lady!

Created Woman, Amy Adams & Bethany Frankel

Amy Adams wearing Roland Mouret & Bethany Frankel wearing Theory

Elizabeth Hurley walking the pink carpet at the pink party

Cosmetics for a Cause Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick Shiseido Lip Balm - $5 of proceeds go to research

David Yurman Limited Edition Bracelet

Many Designers have created an entire collection just to benefit breast cancer research.  Ralph Lauren has created the Pink Pony Line featuring clothes and accessories.

Created Woman Ralph Lauren

For a more sporty look, try Skechers Shape Shoes with $10 of every purchase benefiting the cause or Juicy Couture T-shirt donating 100% of all proceeds of their $35 top.

Kim Kardashian sports pink booties sold at - 10% of purchases benefit Susan G. Komen

Kohls Simply by Vera Wang is another designer who has created a line with all proceeds going to research.  This simple pink ribbon that can be purchased for only $5 and be worn everyday as we honor our heros.

So sing any song you want be it "Cool Rider" or "Pink Cadillac" but be a Pink Lady this month and support our Heros who are fighting and have surived Breast Cancer.