Thinking Out Loud.

This morning I sat in church and my pastor said "Husbands, if I asked you what your wife's dreams are, would you know?" Now not being a husband myself, I simply thought, "Hmm, do I know what my own dreams are?" It's quite the loaded question. As women, I think we insist on piling our plates sky high because we can handle it. There is the natural resistance to put a burden on anyone else that we can take on ourselves. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself. However, in the midst of all of the doing, I find myself thinking out loud. A lot. Thinking out loud began as a non-chalant quirk. I found myself walking through the grocery store, "Milk, check. Bread, check. Oh, go to the bank, and get gas, can't forget those." Yes, I probably sound like a nut half the time, but I find talking to myself, er, thinking out loud, legitmately helps. My head is clear because it's all out in the air. I remind myself of what needs to be done, and on especially crazy days, I remind myself of what I'm doing presently. This all to say that as I run around like a chicken with my head cut off some days, on the leisurely days, I find myself thinking out loud about more whimsical things. I would like to travel more, I want to be a better wife, and even a better shopper. Yes, I want to be responsible when I spend. I don't just want to throw money at organizations that run sweat shops and employ labor overseas because it's more cost effective and less regulated.

Okay, so enough thinking, more doing.

I've found a brand I love. Threads 4 Thought is not only cute and comfy, but environmentally responsible and cognizant of employee's working conditions. They work with charities, such as the International Rescue Commitee, which helps crises in the most dire places in the world. Threads 4 Thought also use organic cotton, and strive to maintain care for the Earth and its materials. This dedication is proven through its continued work with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Not only does the brand donate 10% to humanitarian causes when you shop, it offers classic styles. To see more from the brand, check out their website at  They can also be found at select Whole Foods locations.

So, next time you find yourself thinking out loud, or just talking to yourself, or just thinking about what your dreams might be, just remember, it's never too much to do a little good for someone. When you're browsing online, browse responsibly! Look for places that care about more than a bottom line. If the environment is your thing, shop organic fabrics. If humanitarian causes mean a lot to you, look for shops that those causes matter to as well. If you know of some shops or boutiques that have found their niche in caring about more than the profit, share them! I would love to hear what causes you care about and how you support them.