Trendy Tresses

Spring has sprung and so has the homage to 1960's hair. As life imitates art so it seems the hair of every red carpet celeb has taken heed to the  release of Vidal Sassoon The Movie. No hairstylist worth their weight in shampoo has not been influenced by this legend. He took that decade's woman from the set style to the flexibility and freedom of shampooing and styling at home. The cut did all the work. Leaving the shampoo set as a thing of the past and every woman became fashionably fresh.

Today no celebrity more notably reflects this style than Michelle Williams. Her striking tribute to Mia Farrow's famous 1968 Sassoon style was beautifully done. The 60's influence is also seen on the newly cropped bob styles of both Jennifer Aniston an Scarlett Johansson. These retro looks are not limited to the shorter length cuts. Reese Witherspoon, January Jones, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie all maintained length while incorporating volume, movement, braids and texture to create beautiful hair rich in 60's style.  So if  your style is short & sleek, bobbed, or braided you can spring forward by embracing the looks of the past with the spirit of today.