Valentine's Gifts for Him


With each new Valentine's Day comes the new search for the perfect gift. If you're like me, it's a new puzzle to figure out what my guy wants. Unlike women, who are easy to please with new jewelry, scarves, or Chanel make-up (hint hint to any guys reading!), men are a little different. So here are some of our ideas for how to make your man smile.



Art of Shaving Kit, $115

Thanks to Daniel Craig and the latest James Bond movie, my husband developed a slight obsession with the old art of shaving. This old-school process shouldn't just be routine; it should be relaxing and enjoyable. With a kit that includes a protective pre-shave oil, moisturizing cream, soothing aftershave, and a brush to make sure he stays smooth after the scraping,  this gift is a nice little treasure.



Edwin Jagger Ebony & Nickel Shaving Set, $99

While we're at it, an old-fashioned razor set never hurt anyone.




Dopp Kit, by Montana Enterprises


Every man should own an elegant, leather dopp kit. The male equivalent to a woman's make-up bag, this classy pouch can be used to store toiletries for trips or just home organizing. To make this gift go above and beyond, you could fill it with new grooming goodies that your guy can use for your next date night.


article 3

Noir, by Tom Ford


Voted one of Huffington Post's best men's colognes of 2012, this scent by legendary designer Tom Ford is a great cologne to snuggle up to. With notes of nutmeg, sage, amber, and vanilla, this gift's one you and your guy will enjoy.



article20Brooklyn Brewshop, Beer Making Kit


For the guy who likes to do-it-himself and enjoys home projects, Brooklyn Brewshop has created an easy way to explore the process of brewing at home. With different flavors of beer and kit sizes, you can surprise him with with this unique gift that'll let him brag to his friends about his new batch of beer.



Dalmore and Macallan Scotches

I know my girlfriends love a great bottle of wine. Usually, the older the better, right? While your guy may not feel very manly sipping on a glass of white wine with you, a smooth, aged scotch is a perfect translation. A bottle of Dalmore or Macallan are two classic bottles to try.






Whiskey Lovers Set, $60

The perfect addition to a new bottle of scotch? A new set of glasses. This set of simple, elegant glasses come with an addition that's gaining popularity as of late: the freezing stones. I don't know one man in my family who didn't get these as a gift for Christmas last year. After sitting in the freezer for a few hours, these real stones help keep a good glass of whiskey or scotch from being watered down.




Quentin Tarantino Box Set


For the gritty, movie guy, this box set is a thing of beauty. The 10-disc collection from prolific directer Quentin Tarantino includes his 8 films (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill [Vols. 1 & 2], Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds, and True Romance) with hours of bonus footage. The only downside? No Django Unchained just yet. Though he may not be every lady's cup of tea, Tarantino makes "Man Movies" like no other.



Dope Prints Posters


Here's one more gift for the movie lover. Dope Prints is a great Etsy find that specializes in immortalizing memorable movie lines with elegant artwork. With almost 30 different classic movie lines, you're bound to find one that your guy loves.  




Ruckstrap (Red)


In love with a man who's in love with a camera? Here's the way to his heart. You know those thin little camera straps that shout tourist? Buy him a stylish alternative. This thick strap of canvas, leather, and suede give a delicate camera some much needed ruggedness and style.




Casetagram iPhone Cover


iPhone/Instagram lovers everywhere, take notice. For your tech-savvy honey,  you can now take his gorgeous, filtered squares of Instagram art and create a unique gift that will definitely be a conversation starter. This new website allows you to use your Instagram (or Facebook) photos and choose different layouts to create a one-of-a-kind phone case that will remind your guy of all the wonderful moments you share!



 Juice Pack Reserve


One more gadget for your techie. Though this may not be the most aesthetically pleasing gift, it's one your iPhone-toting guy will find useful. When he's used up his battery on all his apps and still has hours to go in his day, this keychain charger can be hooked up to his phone for a little more extra juice. Who doesn't appreciate a practical gift every now and then?                                                


article23Trademark Poker Set & Solid Wood Dart Cabinet

$65, $85,

For the guy who loves having "Boys Night", these are two quintessential game sets. Though it might lead to some rowdy nights of gameplay, these are the gifts that keep on giving.


Gingham Button-Up


Gingham's here to stay for awhile. To keep your man looking stylish, a classic, quality button-up will do the trick. Also, you can never go wrong with men's clothes, shoes, or tie clips from J.Crew.



Book Collections


Is your honey a book lover? These sleek, modern sets of fictional classics from Penguin Classics Publishers are the perfect treat. Not only will these literary gems look elegant on any bookshelf, they'll also appeal to your guy's intellectual side.



Quirky Staple Remover


This one is just for the laugh factor. When he's stuck all day at the office and needs a little sense of humor to lighten the mood, something like this will remind him of you and make him smile.


Lastly, are there any concerts, shows, or games your honey might like to go to? Tickets to an event are always a win. Or is there something your guy already has that could be perfected by a monogram? Personalizing wallets, flasks, and iPad cases with his initals are great gifts as well.

Hopefully by now your shopper juices are flowing and you've found a gift or two for your wonderful significant other! And just remember, your guy will love anything you put some thought into. Now, time to start dropping hints and helping him out a little with what you might like!