Consistency and Perserverence

This weekend, I had the most amazing weekend get away with my husband as we celebrated our 14th anniversary. Obviously, it was a time of overindulging in food with little exercise. While it was enjoyable, I was glad to return to normal eating habits and routine exercise.So many times, we feel if we cheat a little or over indulge, we have blown it on our health and fitness. The key to staying healthy and fit is consistency. It is the key to achieving the results we want in our health, fitness and weight. What we do on a consist basis or 80% of the time is what matters. It is easy to give up when we do not get the immediate results we want, but consistency and perseverance will get us to our ultimate goal. The small continual steps are what build us to be the healthy person inside and out. Instead of trying to adapt so many new healthy behaviors at one time, what is one new habit you can incorporate into your daily routine? • Choose one day to get up an extra 30 minutes to exercise or have quiet time…it does not have to be every day

  • Cut out one coke a day instead of trying to quite all together
  • Commit to 2 days a week of exercise instead of 7
  • Decide to bring a healthy lunch one day to work instead of eating out.

Pick one thing and become consistent with that behavior. Even when you fall off the wagon, pick yourself up and get back to your one consistent behavior. When you do, you will be confident to add another one. Isn’t it nice to know that God looks at our life in much of the same way. Thankfully, He does not look at Perfection, but Progress. He is not concerned about how we have messed in the past, but about the progress, we are making toward living a life better for him. We can not get caught up in how we have blown up, but how we can do it better next time.

Health Tip: Choose one night a week as sandwich night. Add whole grain bread, fresh vegetables and fruit. Sandwich night is a great way to remove the pressure to cook, better choice than fast food and gives you more time to spend with the family.