With summer around the corner, you may find yourself in a different routine. Vacations and weekend get-a-ways can easily get us off track from our normal health and fitness routine. However, no matter where you are, you can build in a work out and incorporate a few simple tricks to eat healthy. The key is thinking outside of the box from what you may normally do.  If you routinely take exercises classes, what will you do if there is not a gym around?  If you walk each day, what do you do if there is not a safe environment or treadmill available?  My favorite new workout is Tabata.  This is a great 11 minute workout for the busy, traveling woman that is proven to get results. It can be done anywhere with minimal equipment or none at all.

If you have a few trips planned this summer, start thinking about what you can do to get a little exercise and be in control of what you eat.

Can you do this?

  • Call ahead to see if there is a gym available at your hotel or in the area
  • Have a friend commit to walking with you
  • Pack pieces of equipment such as an exercise band
  • Take a quick trip to the grocery store and be responsible for your snacks

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  • If you have to get fast food, skip the value meal and go ala cart


Don’t get in a rut by thinking if you can’t do your normal routine, you can’t do anything at all, be flexible and change it up.

To learn more about the Tabata or for your own 30 minute work out that requires nothing more than an exercise band, email me at