Quit Trying to Quit

I need to quit! I know I should not do that anymore!” These are the words so many of us say as women.  We beat ourselves up for the things we do in every area of our life.  How depressing. How about changing that way of thinking by asking “What Can I Do”. Many times if we concentrate on what we can add to our life, it eventually takes the place of the very thing we want to quit. Recently, I was faced with a personal situation that caused me worry and grief.  I continued to dwell on it which solved nothing. I wanted to give that worry up and quit thinking about it, but it continued to pop up out of no where and there I would be dwelling on a situation that led to nothing but self pity. I have always loved sending cards to friends who I knew needed a word of encouragement, but of course never really had the time. I finally realized the time I used to worry and feel sorry for myself could be used more wisely. So it became a trigger for me.  Self-Pity equaled send a cardBy placing my focus on others, the self pity was alleviated a lot quicker than just trying to quit on my own.

Our health can be the same way.  We try to use will power or self control to stop eating certain things, cut our calories or try to give up unhealthy behaviors that may add unnecessary calories.  But if we try to think about adding more of the foods from our daily nutritional requirements such as having 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day or 25 grams of fiber , it eventually leaves little room for the foods that should be a “sometimes” food only. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is see how many new fruits I can add in for a lunch time salad or what new protein could be used as a topper. Instead of saying I can’t have it anymore, identify something new to replace it.

Is there an activity that has become a habit for you that you know is not the most healthy physically or mentally?  Quit trying to quit! Put into practice an exercise or healthy behavior that could take its place, even if it is for ten minutes. If we have an idea in mind to fill its place, we can create a new healthy behavior instead of just trying to quit an unhealthy one.

Remember when you want to add something new, don’t get over ambitious.  Think about one thing at a time and break it down in small increments.  Here are a few ideas.

  • Add a new fruit for an afternoon snack
  • Add one new vegetable at dinner time
  • Add one glass of water before you leave in the morning
  • Take ten minutes to stretch
  • Carry a journal with you to jot down your thoughts during a stressful moment instead of eating

Trying new things can lead to a lifetime of good health

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