Go with What’s in your Heart

Today I am inspired by SRV- Stevie Ray Vaughn, the soulful blues guitar legend who died too early. He spoke some simple yet profound words and it’s recorded on “Texas Flood”. Song #11. He said,

“Since I can’t read music or anything, I find that I do the best when I just listen to where I am trying to go with it.. where it can go… not trying to rush it, just let it come out. If I start trying to pay attention to where I am on the nick, or, is this the proper way to do this, or that, then I begin thinking that thing through, and instead of playing from my heart, I am playing from my mind and that’s when I find myself getting into trouble. If I just go with what’s in my heart, and let it come out, then I’m OK.”

Living from our hearts. Such a simple yet profound concept. Sounds easy, but… I find it all too easy to listen to the voices in my head most of the time. Is there anything, really, that this concept doesn’t apply to? From getting dressed in the morning to enjoying our work and relationships. I guess the best thing to do is relax… and engage my soul in the moment at hand. mmm… I feel better already.