Real Life “Princess Purpose”

I don’t know if you played “princess” while growing up, I know I did. Who would have thought that my Papa, the King of Kings had real life “Princess purpose” for me but it’s true. 

There are 6 core principles taught within the Created Woman organization: dreams, healing, identity, purpose, health, and fashion. It makes sense that after being healed, one may need reinforcement of their identity so they can fulfill their “royal” purpose and beyond. 

One story of a woman in the bible who fully embraced her identity is Mary, Jesus’ mother. Although she was engaged to marry Joseph, when the angel Gabriel informed her that she would be the mother of Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit, she did not question, hesitate, or doubt her identity. She simply said in her heart, “let it be done”. She knew her role and identity in Christ and she accepted it. 

You and I can own our God given identity the same way Mary did. She is the ultimate“identity” role model. She used faith to see herself through the perspective of her Creator. His perspective included a powerful plan, much bigger than she had in mind and all the miracles needed to bring it to pass. 

The undeniable truth is... we were all created by God for His glory. You my sweet friend are royalty and a daughter of God! 

Let’s wear our crowns daily;  whether they be real ones, floral ones, or invisible. Either way, I pray you hold that truth near your heart and rest in knowing that God is your Papa. Some ways to live life as a King’s daughter are: stand firm in God’s word, accept and believeHis promises and claim your rights and freedom in Christ. 



Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating this sweet daughter of yours. Reveal to her how you see her and help her keep that near to her heart. When things come up that may cause her to question who she is, remind her of who her Papa is. Make it known to her that she is your daughter. Surround her with a supportive tribe who will serve as a reminder of you and your goodness. Continue to help her shine your light in the world. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. Who created you?

  2. What role does God have in your life?

  3. What is one thing you can do daily to own the fact that you are a daughter of God?


Goal Setting & Sharing

Now that you are aware of your God given identity, how will you show up in your life differently? 

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