It's Not About How I Look

  Working out yesterday, I met a woman who has lost over 100 hundred pounds.  Immediately, I began asking the standard questions:  How did you do it?  How long has it taken you? What are you eating?  Very gracious with her answers, she explained that when she started out, she was over 3oo pounds and as far as her goal is concerned, she wants to see her children graduate from high school.

She started off  working out a few minutes on the elliptical.   Later,  changes in her eating began to take place.  This new way of living has become her life-style.  Curious about how she managed working out several times during the week, working full time, along with managing family and friends; she confidently mused 'I used to watch a lot of television, but my priorities have changed.' You see, most of us have time to do exactly what we want. This created woman's desire and priority is to become healthy.

At the end of our conversation, she looked at me and said, 'It started out being about how I looked on the outside, but now it's all about how I feel.  I feel so much better and enjoy life on another level, and I look forward to seeing my children graduate from school.'

A few pounds shed each week, slowly and steadily over the course of 15 months, consistent workouts and healthy eating have made a sizable difference in my new friends life-style.  I walked away from our conversation inspired by someone who is not at all moved by outside pressure, but is comfortable with the woman she is today and the created woman she is becoming, just a few pounds at a time.