New Year, New You

Have you seen that insurance commercial where the couple backs into a parked car and the guy wishes for an insurance lady?  He finds his wish comes true instantly so both he and his girlfriend wish for a new boyfriend and girlfriend transforming the other into what is their ‘ideal’ look of a mate is – young, buff, short shorts, and sexy.   Once the transformation takes place, the girlfriend asks, ‘So this is what you want?’ How easy life would be if we make a wish and POOF, there it is.  It definitely would make our New Year Resolutions much easier!  So what if we looked at our resolutions a little bit differently.  Instead of trying to change a little bit here or picking up a new goal there, what about just letting go of some things from 2010 instead?  Deleting an ex-boyfriends number from your cell phone or throwing away a memento that reminds you of  ‘that time’ can be quite a cleanser!

One of my favorite shows had an episode that showed a street scene where everyone was carrying luggage; it was a symbol of the baggage we carry with us from relationship to relationship.  Some have small carry-ons while others need a bellman just to help them down the street.  The point is, we all tend to carry a little something with us from each relationship but it’s up to us to decide how large of a luggage we choose to keep.  Of course, there is some good luggage.  But what do you do with the baggage that’s so heavy you can’t seem to take another step into the future?

2011 might just be the year you need to let go of some of that luggage you have held onto that keeps dragging you down.  Take a little step at a time – don’t light a bonfire ladies!  Cleanse yourselves, or your closets, of old memories that only make you sad.  Love letters, keepsakes, phone numbers and yes, even pictures.  You’ll find that actually letting go of things in the past will allow you to take a giant leap into your future that is so bright!  If you don’t, I have to warn you that you might start dating that bellman that’s willing to carry all your baggage….what does that say about him?!

Become a New You this year by letting go of that luggage that’s got you down one at a time.  It’s a New Year so start fresh and get back on the road towards becoming the woman you were created to be, now, while you are single!