Party With a Purpose

I am a Princess I am very special

I am beautifully and wonderfully made

I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

I am strong and I am smart

I promise to do my very best at everything I do…. Now and forever!

Once a Princess….always a Princess!

My Party Palace

My Party Palace in Round Rock, Texas is more than just a venue for little girls’ birthday parties although it is certainly stocked with tiaras, princess gowns, and every other accessory needed by a beautiful princess.

As well as  being a clean and attractive venue where a birthday princess can entertain her princess friends, it is a magical place where girls are encouraged  to dream about who and what they want to be.


Owner, Michelle Nieto Azuara, offers party packages that include tea parties, being crowned as a princess, and even an  adoption ceremony of a pink poodle. But there's more to My Party Palace than a magical makeup station.Their mission  is to empower girls of all ages and help  them understand that they are wonderfully and beautifully made in a setting of fantasy and fun.


Whether it's a birthday party, Summer Princess Camp or a Halloween event the message is the same,"You are beautiful, inside and out." Michelle says," We teach life lessons and instill self-worth into every girl that attends one of our parties. Sometimes Moms book a party just because she thinks her daughter will enjoy the fantasy aspect of The Palace and when they leave they tell me they tell me the girls leave with more than what they paid for."

- - Outreach - -


My Party Palace has a history of collaborating with agencies in the surrounding area by hosting social events, workshops, conferences, and seminars for less advantaged girls . They have provided makeovers and "My Special Day" affairs for middle school and high school girls with the assistance of  other like-minded organizations.



"There are those around us that aren't so blessed. We whole-heartedly believe  it is absolutely vital for all girls to know how valuable and precious they are. We believe that one special event, one special day, and one person can change the course of history for a girl."


"By encouraging girls to become all they were 'created to be,' I am' becoming all I was created to be."

-Michelle Nieto Azuara


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