Single Girls Night Out

Being single has a lot of perks!  I realized that once I got married.  Yes, marriage is wonderful and I have a wonderful husband whom I love being married to; but it was only after I married did I realize how much freedom I really had.  If I wanted to hop in the car to run to the mall or just have a girl’s night out on the town or even girls night in, I didn’t have to ‘clear’ it with anyone.  I’m not saying it’s wrong at all to ‘clear’ it with my husband because I expect the same from him – it’s an issue of respect and we do respect each other.  But to all the ladies who are struggling in their singleness trying to find that ‘man’, I encourage you to remember your freedom!  Enjoy life and don’t wait for it to begin until your married – take those trips, enjoy girls night out, hang out with other singles, or have dinner and movie night at the house sitting in your pj’s and most importantly, don’t pick your clothes up off the floor unless you want to! There is a life before marriage so no more sulking!  You were born to live not wait to live!  We have but one life so no matter what stage of life you are in, live it to the fullest and enjoy ever minute of it taking in all the wisdom that comes through your experiences.  God has a plan and a purpose for you even now while you are single!

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