Single Ladies Living Like Gold

While all of my friends grew up watching Nickelodeon, BET, and ESPN my brother and I were left to enjoy reruns of shows like The Wonder Years, The Cosby Show, and one of my all time favorites The Golden Girls. My mom never understood my fascination with “The Girls” she would pause in front of our TV and ask “What do you have in common with four old white women?” HA! Truth is that I didn’t have anything in common with them, but they sure did intrigue me. I mean, who didn’t love Sophia’s spunk, Dorothy’s sarcasm, and Rose’s lack of common sense (we’ve all had at least one “Rose Moment”). I loved all the ladies, but in my humble opinion, Blanche stole the show. Her swag was undeniable! Not only was she beautiful, confident and charming, but she was FABULOUS! She was what I would describe as a “Serial Dater,” on screen she was either coming in from a date or, on her way out to capture the heart of some fine rich man! This may be a stretch, but I believe that if Blanche’s character was saved and lived in biblical times she would’ve have been named Ruth… could totally see her showing up in Boaz’s room!

As a kid, I remember thinking that Blanche was the only one who had a real shot at finding true love, and actually living a “happy” life. Four older SINGLE women living together in a house badly decorated with tropical décor, even as a child I was determined that that life would not be my testimony!

Living Like Gold

At the age of 25, I still have a fear of being old and alone. Most of my friends in their mid 20’s or early 30’s have this same fear! We don’t want to be the “Golden Girls”! So, in an effort to “help” God out, to expedite this magical meeting between us and our chocolate prince charming we often times compromise ourselves or just flat out settle for men who we know are NOT our husbands! We create these timelines in our heads: Dream job at 22, Married at 25, kids at 28, and when our plans don’t pan out we get desperate!

Some of us constantly complain about being alone and make references to our biological clocks to anyone who will listen. Others of us become impatient and like Blanche we decide to date as many men as possible in hopes to eventually find “him.” Then, there are the other single woman who suffer in silence, they constantly obsess about “the one” and are so distracted in getting that they fail to pursue their dreams and passions.

If we were honest, most of us have fallen into one of those three categories at some point during our single season. Can you blame us?! HA! Think about all the fabulous women you know who are beautiful, intelligent, funny, anointed, and ALONE! What’s a fabulous woman with a fabulous career, living in a fabulous house without a fabulous man?

Truth is nobody really knows why there are so many single women out there who are waiting to meet Mr. Right! In the mean time, I have made the choice to enjoy my singleness, trust God, and wait on for Him to bring my man!

In hindsight Blanche and the rest of “The Girls” did live “happy” lives, but their “happy” included being single! The morning I heard that Rue McClanahan died I sang an impromptu gospel version of “Thank You for being a Friend” the entire drive to work. RIP Rue/Blanche my favorite Golden Girl!

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Guest Contributor, Tamra Cobbins