Single or Married, Check one

How is it that almost every single girl I meet has the same exact questions and thoughts I had when I was single?  When will I know when I meet the right guy?  Why have I been single for so long?! It seems like all of my friends are getting married except me!  I mean really, after all this time you would think that there's just this one book that would have all the answers.  But somehow we keep going around and around asking the same old, age question; ‘When will it be my turn?’ I remember being so frustrated at times thinking everywhere I turned someone was asking me if I was single or married.  What does it matter?  Why did it matter if I was married or not when applying for a job?  Was my husband going to be able to come to work with me?  If so, how would anybody get any work done?

The questions go on and on, but what I’ve come to realize is that no matter what stage of life you are in, you will get questions all the same!  When you do say the words ‘I do,’ the questions then start about kids and my favorite,  'Will you stay home or go to work?'  It’s endless!  The key I’ve found is just to know who I am right here and now without worrying about everyone else’s concern for my life; why do all care so much anyway?  Easier said than done, I know!

The tough part about being single or married for that matter, is knowing how to answer those tough questions for yourself regardless of outside commentary based on what others think you should be doing.  Questions are endless from the time you wake up to the time you close your eyes at night and can be as simple as ‘What belt will I wear with these pants?,’ to ‘What school will I enroll my first grader?’  I believe though that once you come to know who you really are – who you really were created to be – the easier it gets to answer some of those tough questions.

The journey to get there….well, that’s another story and one I’m still figuring out. But for now, I continue to walk along the path that I feel I was created to walk in the here and now as a wife, friend, career, daughter, sister - and the list goes on - woman.  Those are all the boxes I choose to check.  And for all the single ladies, check a firm ‘yes’ to the single box and enjoy the stage of life you are in right now and walk with your head held high as you enjoy the journey you are on, now, while you are single!

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