The 20 Something Diaries: Life Happens

A few years ago, my parents bought me the newest, whitest, shiniest Macbook in all the land. Yes, it seemed that magical when I received my first laptop. A graduation gift for receiving my Associates in Theology-- but that's a different story for a different day. Today is about how many moons ago, said Macbook mysteriously fell off the end of Kristian's bed and was never the same. Though to this day my husband claims he is innocent in old faithful's demise, I will never let him forget the ominous occurence every time I am on his computer, creating folders on his desktop, and taking up space on his hard drive. I am quick to point out it's all because for the $800 it would take to fix the cracked screen on my Mac, I may as well use his Gateway. Which leads me to the real point-- my husband's computer is a Gateway.

I should have known better than to rely on the computer that has been having random blackouts and would refuse to charge unless it's positining was precise. I should have seen the day coming where my new old faithful would take his last breath.

Enter, yesterday.

I'm rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, once again trying to decide on what to share with the blogosphere today. Should I write about the five hour road trip we took to visit friends who wound up with the flu all weekend? The politics of the workplace (which I am currently learning exist everywhere)? Or the everyday hustle of trying to work, write, be married, and be happy? All these thoughts while I work serenely at my desk on a custom order for a client. I step away to print a shipping label when my computer decides to revolt. The lights are on, this thing should be working, but there is nothing but a black screen. My worst nightmare. Blogger and boutique owner of an online business, and my [husband's] computer is dead. Panic sets in. There will be no blog. No new inventory. No orders shipped!

Ok, I took a few deep breaths and figured it out. Because something is always going to go wrong. I'm not cynical it's just inevitable. Something will always be standing between where we are and where we want to be. Obstacles don't move just beacuse we start crying, they don't even surrender when we put on a brave face, they can only be overcome. So put on your thinking cap today and push yourself over whatever that obstacle is, broken computer, busy schedule, whatever it is, don't let it get the best of you!