The 20 Something Diaries: The Digital Age

I got my first cell phone when I was 12 and man was that the day. It's etched in my memory. The car I was in, the spot my mom stopped in, the ringtone on that little flip phone that acted as the clue for me to find it. Since then, I feel like I haven't taken my eyes off of my phone. They only get better with time, they make you need them, they're essentially your only lifeline to the outside world! Yep, that's how I've felt for about thirteen years now. Until recently. A few weeks ago Kristian (my husband) lost his phone. Actually, it was stolen. We used all the technology we knew how to track it down. We used the GPS on it to access its location, called the numbers listed most recently from our online bill, nonetheless, it's a goner. We've come to terms with this. In fact, Kristian is responding surprisingly well. He has yet to replace it and doesn't seem to miss it. He keeps talking about "all the things he's seeing without a phone." Um WHAT?! Now I have to know what I'm missing out on. I can't give up my phone cold turkey but I am going to vow publicly (hold me accountable here people) to spend more time on real people and less responding to Facebook statuses of people I haven't seen in 10 years.