Top Tips for Back to School

    Summer is coming to a close and the start of school is on the horizon.  Here are a few quick back to school tips that work in our family.1 Organize Keeping those important dates (like your back to school hair cuts) and new times where all eyes can see them can make things much more stress free. My favorite find this year dry erase decals for the fridge. Color coding per child or category is great and on the fridge everyone will have a chance to spot them. 2 Plan ahead. Taking a few extra minutes the night before to plan the next days lunch or outfit. Even looking over the upcoming weeks schedule as a family on Sunday evening at dinner. 3 Rest up Getting into the swing of bedtimes and new waking hours a few days before the first day of school can help the transition back into regular sleep patterns. 4 Enjoy As these summer days come to an end try to find moment to enjoy being together. Catching a movie going to lunch or just taking the time to talk about the highlights of summer. Drinking in those last moment of summer with your kids is super important even in the hustle of getting back to school. 5 Make memories Last but not least charge your camera make room on your memories card to snap a few picks that first morning as kids get out the door. One of my favorite thing is to write note to my kids the night before. Either to stash in their book bag, lunch box or even written  in erasable marker on their bathroom mirror. Reminding them of how amazing they are and what a great year they are going to have.

How ever you prep for the upcoming year make it the best one yet.