Waiting for it

Just recently my daughter had her two front teeth fall out, and thank God they did! It was pretty traumatic for the both of us, because these weren't your typical loose teeth, these suckers where stubborn! As her new front teeth started to came in, her old front teeth were pushed straight out, so every time she would close her mouth you could see them sticking out. They were really loose and ready to fall, but still held on for dear life! It was when I learned that kids at school started to make fun of her, that I felt I had to do something to speed up the process. So I asked her if she would let me try to pull them out, and she said "NO WAY! I will just wait until they fall out by themselves." I couldn't believe she didn't even want to try, especially since kids at school were being so mean about it.  It was really neat to see her choose between waiting, or taking easier route. Who knows what could have happened if she took the easy way and risk doing some damage. Well, her teeth eventually fell out and amazingly right before school pictures. How awesome is that! She was such an example for me. Her success story made me realize that it's not always pleasant to wait for things to happen at the right moment, but just think of the damage we can do to ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, if we don't wait. What may usually seem like a "good idea" is not always a "God idea". We have our integrity and self value at risk when making desperate decisions and taking the easy way out can lead to painful regrets. Yes, God restores painful regrets, but why not spare yourself that. As difficult as it is to have to wait for that something or someone to happen to you, be encouraged that we never have to wait alone. God knows the timing of everything and he is NEVER late. He sees and knows your every thought and in his time he will give you the desires of your heart....plus a bag of chips!