Welcome to Mommy-hood

  Officially I have been a mom for 13 months. Being a mom has been by far one of the most challenging hats I've had to wear. The first couple months friends reassuringly let me know that at the 3 month mark "It gets better." Oh how that little statement rung in my ears. As smart as I like to think I am, I never realized being a mommy would take so much out of me. I mean I have been around plenty of children new and old. I knew how to change a diaper, make a bottle, put a baby to sleep, make silly faces, and not to mention calm a crying baby in my adolescence. I considered myself a pro long before I even met a man who was qualified enough to give me his little swimmers!

I discovered quickly that I was no pro, but a beginner. The statement is not a self defeating one, but rather a coming to terms with it announcement to self. What's the use in being in denial, right! I had been fighting the fact that I could not figure my child out, that is for the time being. After countless conversations with God on why he was not answering my prayers, and why he would not make it better. Not to mention the daily melt down in which I had not bathed, not slept, and attempted to eat, but my little eater decided he was hungry too... I had come to the bitter sweet conclusion that it would take time to figure out anyone, let alone my own child. Mommy-hood as far as I can see is all about cherishing the small accomplishments, literally living one day at a time. It's all about throwing a party when baby sleeps for 3 hours, and letting go. Letting go of all your preconceived ideas of what it means to be a mommy, and for me clinging to God for strength.

Most mommy pros will say to their child, "If you only knew." When my dear mom would make that statement, I am reluctant to say I would "gently" roll my eyes and think if you only knew what? Ha! Now I know mom, now I know!!! If you only knew the sacrifice, the patience, the joy, it requires to be a mommy. What a delicate and oh so sweet relationship God created between mother and child. I encourage any new mommy out there to remember you are not alone, God has not forgotten you. Mommy-hood is not easy but it is so worth it. After now 13 months of watching my little guy grow....although I might do some things a little differently given the chance, I would in a heart beat do it again. So don't just hang in there, take your time to learn and grow. And please give yourself a break we've all made mistakes. So cheers to sleepless nights, cheers to poopie diapers, cheers to not knowing everything, and cheers to you for being so brave! Welcome to Mommy-hood, God chose you.

Guest Contributor: Lisette Espinosa