What's Your Worth?

One of the biggest transitions in my single life came when I realized I couldn’t even measure up to my list of expectations I had set for my future husband.   How could I expect to meet the man of my dreams when I was a little nightmare!  The reality was I thought I was a pretty good catch.  However, God began to show me all kinds of areas that proved to be un-list worthy! In Proverbs 31 we read about the perfect wife and as a single lady, I really couldn’t stand her!  Everyone always talked about her and how to be a P-31 woman.  But what I finally realized was she didn’t wait until marriage to learn how to cook, be a good businesswoman, take care of her house, or reach out to the world around her.  The P-31 Woman was “found” that way instead of waiting around for her dream guy to just show up.  She was a single lady first who knew her worth as a savvy business lady, skilful at her trade.  A lady who studied because it says she spoke with wisdom.  The P-31 woman was a woman who thought of others and not just about her.  That’s what made her a wife worth finding because she knew her worth!

So today, I challenge you to look at your worth.  Are you list worthy or are there some areas you could stand to take a second look at.  God designed you for a purpose and I can promise you that he didn’t intend for you to start living out who you were created to be only after marriage, but now, while you are single!