Need a wedding program idea?

28 days left – Today I am working on the ceremony programs. I thought this would be an easy task, but man there are a lot of options, not to mention a little bit of “flower girl” drama today. My daughter Natalie is 6 years old and when I originally asked her to be the flower girl 6 months ago, she hesitated because she was afraid to walk by herself. So, in hopes to get her to walk down the aisle, I asked her if she would feel better if someone else walked with her as another flower girl. She accepted and we asked Rolando’s 7 year old niece to step in. Problem solved, right? Well, only up until last week, when Natalie told me she wanted to be the only flower girl now. Just perfect – so what do I do with Rolando’s niece? So I told her today that I needed to work on the programs and that they were going to have to sort it out themselves. So Natalie calls her and asks “so what would you say if I was the only flower girl”. It was pretty funny to hear their conversation. Needless to say they couldn’t compromise, so I will be having 2 flower girls as org. planned.:) Great, I can now finalize my programs! Since I am having a summer wedding and the ceremony will be outside, I thought of the perfect idea. FAN PROGRAMS! I first thought of doing them myself (I am on a budget, so mama gotta work) but I found the perfect place to get them done at. It’s a design company out of NY and they specialize in program fans, yes you would have to order them online, but check them out, they are good for it! They have samples of previous work they have done which they also use as templates, or you can also customize it how you want it. I called them today to make sure I have plenty of time to get them in, since I have been procrastinating, and she assured me that I would. One more thing off my list. Thank God!