Getting married in the future not in the past

25 days left - Yesterday we went to get our marriage license, but a couple of days before we went I had an "OMG, what if...." moment. No, no, this was not like your typical everyday "OMG" moment, but more like a sweaty armpits, heart racing, and praying to God this day would not reveal an unwanted surprise.  Remember "Sweet Home Alabama" with Reese Witherspoon? Well if not, then here what my fearful moment was like. Her big day finally arrives but only to find out that her divorced was not finalized with her former husband! It's really funny, but I couldn't help but to think about that movie as we were headed for our license! Even though I knew it would not possible since it was confirmed years ago, I still had a moment and thought, what if the county clerks mis-filed it or something. Fortunately everything went smoothly and we were granted our marriage license yesterday. YAY!!

You know, I dislike that fact that this part of my past that I experienced at a very young and unwise age still pops up at times. I believe it’s totally natural to feel this way, especially during a time as this when you’re about to finally marry the man of your dreams and you want everything to be perfect. And even though I would love to go back and gain the time that I lost with my poor choices, I can’t, but I can forgive myself. All I can say now is that God heals and makes things brand new, but in order to completely embrace his healing you MUST forgive yourself for mistakes you have made along the way. This can be hard to do in any situation that involves bad choices that you may have to clean up later, but you will love life and others more if you do. Don’t leave yourself in the dark, while you carry on forgiving others. God’s new path for you is your new purpose now, so take it!