Starting a Resolution.

In honor of this month being the month of resolutions I thought it only natural to write about a few resolutions of my own. Typically I am not the "make a resolution" kind of girl. I have realized that I will not consistently work out,  lose weight, or save more money, just because I write it on fancy paper and say I resolve to. However, this year I have decided to make attainable goals. I have chosen things that I actually want to happen because in all honesty if I don't lose an extra 10 pounds I won't lose sleep over it. If I want to start up a business and never take steps in making that happen...well that's something that may keep me awake at night. As much as in my "real life" I have set up these goals I have also chosen goals for my "bridal life". They are fairly impersonal and easy to achieve (hopefully) so I encourage you to take some on for yourself!
Choosing to Change
First, I will resolve to work with what I've got. I was in New Orleans over the holidays and spent some time with an old friend. While at her apartment I realized she had about 10 different crafty projects going on. Most of her decor was found in flea markets, though I never would have guessed, and the entire place just exuded her. When I got home I realized she is taking full advantage of what she has-- creativity. Thinking about my wedding I've decided I need to take advantage of what I have-- creativity and a borderline obnoxious obsession with finding bargains. So far I have decided to tackle the wedding programs and guest book. I'll keep you posted on how long this "creative streak" lasts.
Second, I will not become a bridezilla. As the wedding draws closer (only 12 more weeks!!) I feel myself becoming an edgy bride. I expect everyone to be as organized as I am. I want my bridesmaids to read my mind and know what I expect of them. I'm afraid if someone shows up in black stilettos I disapprove of I may just lose it. Then...back to reality. I've already sent out a detailed e-mail (picture included) of what I expect the shoes to look like, disaster averted (fingers crossed). My bridesmaids don't really have many duties as of now which means lucky for them they don't have to be mind readers. Even if they willfully disobeyed my wishes (motherly tone intended) I am not typically one to fly off the handle.  However, despite those many positive factors I feel the need to make this resolution because, well, I've never done this wedding thing before. I don't know how I may react to unexpected events, ones that are not on one of my many checklists. I definitely don't want to be a bride with runny mascara because I'm thinking about my buttercream cake melting as I walk down the aisle (two of my many anxieties). With that, I will stop myself from going any further into detail and simply reiterate that I will not become a bridezilla. In the next 12 weeks I resolve to maintain my composure, not lose my temper, and simply let go of situations I have no control over... like the humidity index in New Orleans and the chance of scattered showers-- but I digress.
Lastly, I resolve to have fun. More than anything I want my wedding to be fun. This experience should be pleasant not stressful! The planning should be enjoyable, customizing everything just to my liking, when will I ever have this opportunity again?! Let's hope never right? Which means this go around should be everything I want it to be. Anxiety free, worry free, just full of rainbows and puppies. But seriously I don't want to walk away from this thinking "Hm, that would have been a lot better if I wasn't such a grouch." So when I feel the attitude creeping in I will remind myself that I have resolved to make this whole wedding experience fun!
As for you, I would reccomend you make resolutions of your own. Whether they be "real life" or wedding resolutions, I feel like as long as they are goals you care about achieving the sky's the limit.