Simplify my closet!

I used to be one who loved 101 choices when it came to fashion. You know, purses that matched every outfit, shoes in every color, jeans in all the different washes, and colored tops galore! Well, that is how it was until…… I had a family to tend to in the mornings, a serious job that I had to be on time for each day….oh and not to mention school work that I was exhausted from the night before. I just didn’t have that extra 30 minutes to sit on my closet floor and decide from all the choices I had, what I was going to wear that day. So to simplify my life, I simplified my closet. Besides, my husband stuck me with the smaller closet in our room. Not sure HOW that happened or HOW I let it happen, but I guess I was ready to downsize because I didn’t even fight him for it. Needless to say I got rid of a lot of old stuff and decided to start fresh. You know that segment in the US weekly or PEOPLE magazines, “I really love my……” and you see pictures of celebrities wearing a clothing item or accessory that they wear over and over again in like 5 different pictures but in each picture they wear it differently making it into cute outfit each time? Well, that’s what I wanted to do. I just wanted to buy just some core pieces and accessories that I could make different outfits out of, but I needed to find a core color that I would stick to and that is how I found…...the color GRAY (or is it Grey?)! This color has done wonders for me these last couple of seasons. Do you know how many different other colors go with gray? Red, maroon, white, ivory, taupe, purple, navy blue, pink, black, turquoise, and so on. And you can wear this color all year long! It’s like the new black for me. I don’t even remember the last time I wore black…wait I take that back, I actually wore a black skirt a couple of days ago, but before that it’s being a non-black season. So I created a color scheme around gray which included navy blue, pink, purple and taupe only bought a hand full of core pieces and accessories in that color family and low and behold I had a new wardrobe! Even shoes too! I bought some super cute gray, lace up booties at Nine West a couple of months ago and I have worn the crap out of them already! They go with everything and even better I have been able to wear them everywhere. Work, date night, and I even wore them to a wedding once! I was pretty much able to mix match everything I bought and made quite a few different outfits out of everything. Keeping items with patterns to a minimum also helped. Most pattern items tend to be trendy and not likely to past to season after season. Good tip if you’re trying not to spend a fortune each season. I am telling you this simplifying thing has been fabulous! No more 101 choices for me!