Created Woman/Creator

One of the best things about being a CREATED WOMAN is the opportunity to personally know the Creator. I sometimes wonder if women are aware that getting to know their Creator is possibly one of the most exquisite joys in life.

I have found that as I get to know my Creator and I am aware of His love, the more comfortable I am in my own skin… the more grounded, confident, and peaceful I am. With this awareness I tend to pick outfits that are more true to who I am; more of an expression of my soul and an extension of my own uniqueness.

So, if I end up being a bit over-dressed or under-dressed, it’s OK. I can wear Austin style in Dallas and not really care if I look different. It doesn’t matter what other people think because I am me. I am comfortable. I am unique. And that’s OK, because He made me.

Does it really matter if I have purple hair or teased hair? Fitted or flowing blouses? Flats or heels? Bright vivid colors or simple black and white? I don’t think so. Isn’t fashion the expression of a woman’s soul? Bliss is being comfortable in my own skin. Bliss is knowing my Creator.

As always, I find that song lyrics best express my soul. Third Day sums up this Creator-Created Woman topic very well… “Who is this King of Glory, who pursues me with His love?”