Summer Jumpsuits

Have you ever heard from your parents or grandparents, ‘I used to wear that!’  Well prepare to hear it again because the cute, one-piece jumpsuits have circled back around yet again!  The jumpsuit first made their debut when workers began wearing them as functional pieces of clothing that also offered protection as they worked in the factories. However, by the 1960’s, several designers took the functional look and turned the one-piece wonder into a trend that has surfaced and resurfaced over the last 50 years. (Remember J-Lo?) This past weekend confirmed the resurgence as I walked through the mall, when I couldn’t help but to notice that almost every store had some version of the trend.  From denim strapless shorts to a halter khaki number that just didn’t seem to work on me, much to my dismay, jumpsuits hung on clothes racks everywhere I turned!  The thrill of my day though was realizing that just last year I purchased a cute black, cotton pant jumpsuit that I can still apparently wear this season as well!  Was I ahead of the times?  Probably not….I just got really lucky and found a great sale.

How the trend works for 2010

With the rebirth of the long time favorite, asymmetrical shoulders, cowl and halter necklines have been the answer to modernizing the ‘one-sey’ and by just adding a belt or drawstring, we get to keep our feminine figure that had been lost wearing the trend so many times in the past.  For the office, pair with a cute cardigan or jacket then, simply leave the jacket behind, and transition effortlessly into the perfect date night outfit for every occasion!

Whether embellishments, ankle length or wide leg, there is a suit for you and with just a zip and a go, the seamlessly timeless jumpsuit can make it seem as though you spent hours designing your outfit with out all the fuss!

What’s next?

So remember, once the trend passes this time around, don’t go and give it away; keep it in a safe place so that your little girl can wear it someday soon!  Then it'll be your turn to say, ‘I used to wear that too!’