Fall Fashion Report, 2010

You can feel it in the air, see it in the trees and as you walk down the aisle in every home, clothing and trinket store. Fall is here and so are the glorious fall fashions!  I have to admit that even though I love the summer and all the fun activities we get to do like swimming, walk in the park with our kids or take a much needed summer vacation, fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.  I love the smell of pumpkin and spice filling the air of my living room when the candles are lit.  The sweet aroma of a cake baking, while snuggling up to the fireplace.  And I love putting on my favorite fall coat, tall boots and scarf as I step out into the brisk air.  The feel of a fall day blowing against my face as I pull my coat tighter sipping my favorite Starbucks is always considered a perfect day in my book! Every September seems to brings changes.  School is in full swing, new agendas usually roll out at work and of course, our favorite fashion magazines publish their own version of “The Book” that holds every secret, trend, accessory, boot, shoe, bag and new coat we need for the season.  But really, who has time to read 400 pages of fall fashions?  I wish I could study every page memorizing each picture so when it was actually my time to shop, I knew exactly what I needed!   Well, no need to worry ladies.  Created Woman is here to rescue you.  We’ll show you all the hot new trends, what’s in or out, which pieces are timeless all that you need to fill all your fall fantasies in less than 400 pages!

This year’s styles are ones that have impacted the world of fashion before.  Almost every trend this year our mothers or grandmothers have worn before.  It's a season of timeless elegance!

Timeless pieces like the ones above once again walked the runway for fall 2010.

Katherine Hepburn wearing black leggings and round toe flats. circa 1950's

Catherine Denevue looking lucious in a leopard print jacket 1965

Marilyn Monroe is a soft, full skirt circa 1950's

Lets FALL into together!


* Mixing Prints - Be careful that you look like you are deliberately clashing and pulled together so that you don't conjure up images of a "bag lady."

Leggings and Thigh High Socks

MC Hammer Pants

Yes, they are back!

The Minimalist

Wear in neutral colors

Leopard Print
The fun print is a staple that has once again re-surfaced.  From Raquel Welch to Catherine Denevue (see above), a hit of leopard brings out the wild girl in all of us!


-Clogs -Ankle Boots -Round Toe Ballet Flats

We first saw clogs in the 70's.  Now, they have a little different twist.  See Yvonne's article on Clogs, Fashion and Function

Ankle Boots - They come in all different looks.  Some are peep toe, others have fur so find what's best for you.

Ballet Flats - This year, try a round toe with leggings or a long, full skirt.

You can't go wrong with boots this year! So many different styles to choose from.


Top Handle  - Louis Vuitton

Hobo - Ralph Lauren

Yummy Colors!

The Neutrals

The neutral trend started last spring and continues for the fall.  It's your base for every great outfit this year.

Jewel tones

Jewel tones are hot in everything from shoes to accessories!  It's the pop of color that gets you noticed!

Jewel tones for fun; grey's , whites and black for the office


This fall, we travel back to the basic to a time of classic sophistication.  Shop the classics and you'll never go out of style!

There's nothing that screams timeless like Vogues very own Anna Wintour!  Her classic black glasses, fashion and hair cut as seen every season on the front row of every runway show will never go out of style.

Trench & Pencil Skirt

Two of my favorites!  Burberry made the trench coat a classic in the 1850's and if you don't have some version of this classic, make sure you pick one up this year. For a classic, sexy look, the pencil skirt can carry your from work to play.

The Men's Wear Look
Diane Keaton caused an uproar in the 1977 movie "Annie Hall" with her quirky men's apparel style  making women run to the department stores in droves to duplicate the look.    This time around, the look has incorporated some softer textures while keeping it's masculine-femininity.

1960's Full Skirt and Bustier

Thanks to the 3rd time Emmy Winning show "Man Men," Designers can't get enough of the look.  It hit every runway from Louis Vuitoon to Marc Jacobs.  Gwyneth Paltrow best sported the timeless 1960's lady like style on the red carpet this year in Prada.  Even hair trends from the 60's have re-surfaced by adding fullness to the crown.

For more classic tips, see blog on Clothes the fit the Economy and Trend

The Perfect Fall Outfits

So as the crisp breeze begins to blow through the air, make sure you are ready with great an american classic like the trench coat,a  great pair of boots and a leopard accessory .  But beware!  The collections for fall 2010 are ones you want to keep around for the next generation of fashionistas!  They are here to stay once again!

Remember, Friday, September 10th is Fashion Night Out so hit the stores with your best ankle boots and enough cash in your top handle bag to give a boost to the economy and your closet.

Also, don't forget to come back to Created Woman for more great fall fashion tips on make up, material trends and more throughout the month of September.

Happy Fall!