Single mothers sticking together

Any girl, regardless of age,  would say friends are essential for the ups and downs of life, but I would say friends that can relate to you or vice versa during the ups and downs of life is gold.
Before I became a single mother, I had the liberty to go and come as I pleased with any one of my friends, but as my life changed into the new role of being a single mother, it wasn't that simple anymore. Most all my friends at the time  were single with no children and although they all cared dearly for my daughter and I and would do anything for us, my life style had completely changed and I no longer could keep up with them. A simple night out with the girls became more and more difficult as my duties of a mother grew and grew. Even my two sisters that I am very close with couldn't relate to all the stuff I was going through, because they both were married with families. They would never know what it means to be a single mother.
It was then that I decided to venture out and meet other young single mothers that I could be-friend, and I did. I can honestly say that aside from the satisfaction I had in life again that I could only get from Christ, having friends that were also single mothers helped me stay humble and grounded. Just knowing that someone else out there truly and genuinely could understand all of the emotions I felt, was priceless.  I no longer found myself trying to keep up the the lifestyle I once had and instead I learned to embraced my new life with the help of seeing other women go through the same exact thing.  
Now, I am not saying to dump all your friends that are not single mothers, just remember to love the life you have now been blessed with, and God will truly honor you for it.
Life was never meant for us to go through it alone. If that was the case, then we would never be able to move on.
Keepin' it real!