Spring Fashion 2011

Aaahhhh!  The smell and feel of spring fashion, it's irresistible!  Just the thought of a great, summer dresses with the perfect shades or dipping my feet in the cool water of a pool or lake gets my heart thumping so hard I can hardly catch my breath.  Although I love the fall and am always ready for it by end of summer,  just the same when March 1st roles around I find myself drawn to the light linens and whites that make my perfect summer tan look and feel golden.

So what can I look forward to this Spring/Summer?  This is always the first thought after my heart beat finds it's way back to normal.  After searching the pages and stores for all the hot spring trends, I'v narrowed it down to some of my favorite finds.

So let's get started....first things first.....color!

This Spring's hottest colors are in

Cinnamon/Rust Citrus Colors White

Replace winter red with hot shades of cinnamon or rust.  Deck yourself in the spicy flavor anywhere from lips, dress or shoes, just not all at the same time.  Or, if your a little more bold, citrus colors scream summer fun.  Of course, Summer wouldn't be complete without the staple, fresh and crisp white.

For all color trends, be aware of your skin color and wear the best colors for you adjusting accordingly.  Some might be great in white, others in off -white.


Tunics are all the rage and a great new shape for summer.  Tunics show off those tan legs and can be worn as a dressy date night dress or a throw on and run comfy look to run errands or grab light salad with a girlfriend.

Era to take a cue from, the 70's

The 70's always seem to resurface, but this time around it's a little bit more romantic than hippie.  Take a cue from Vanessa Hudgens who channelled 70's fashion icon Bianca Jaggar but tweaked the look a bit by keeping the lines a little bit more simple.  Beautiful!

Maxi Dress

Still taking a cue from the 70's, the maxi dress has also taken on a more feminine look.  From long, flowy patterns to shear skirts the maxi dress also can go from casual to ba-bam!


This spring, shear and lace are finding their ways into dresses, shoes and accessories.  A little can go a long way and show off your feminine side all the while.  Make sure to at least invest in one staple lace piece that is versatile.

Wide leg, high waist Pants

We can't spring back into the 70's without bringing with us the wide leg, high waisted pants.  This is a great look for work and play but be careful to give them a 2011 twist so that you don't look like you rummaged the goodwill free rack.  Pleats or no pleats, these pants are a hit!


There are a lot of new styles to choose from, pick your vice!

Low Heal Thick heal Flatforms

Still hot from 2010

Spilling over from 2010 are two of my favorites; Military and the 60's full skirt and they are here to stay for at least another season.  Pair a great military vest or jacket with a great pair of shorts or short skirt.  Here, you can see the perfect white dress has taken on the lace trend along with the full skirt of the 60's.  You can't go wrong!

It's time to indulge ladies!  Choose your favorite, check your budgets and remember to mix in your staples.  Spring is all about fun so....go have fun!

Happy Spring shopping!