Be His Friend!

Remember when you first started dating and all of those fun activities you did together.  If he loved to fish, you went fishing.  If he loved to golf, you played golf.  You may even sat on a deer stand early in the morning just watching him do nothing; all the while thinking he was the cutest thing that ever lived. He could not believe he found a woman who would do all of those cool things with him. Then we marry and after time, we realize we need to clean the house, do laundry or “other” things that we think are important to him.  Can you imagine how he feels?  What happen to the fun girl?  I remember actually saying to my husband, we are not doing anything until this house is cleaned, words coming from the same girl who once spent the day throwing a softball with him.

Ladies, there is nothing more sexy to a man than HIS woman participating in one of his favorite hobbies with him.  You may have thought he was insensitive to your needs and unromantic when he asked you to go the gym or go hit golf balls.  Have you ever thought he really just wanted YOU to be a part of his world?  He wants you to LIKE him they way you did when you first met.

If you want to see your husband’s eyes light up, try sitting side by side with him when he is fishing, watching a ball game or even outside while doing yard work.  Now here is the biggest challenge…do it without talking at all.  We sometimes think we have to fill every minute together with words.  Yes, communication with your spouse is important.  Open dialog is needed to strengthen the relationship and continue getting to know the needs and desires of each other. However, we do not have to share every single detail of our daily events.  It can be overwhelming for him. Give the details to a girlfriend.

I love Solomon 5:16:

His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely.

This is my lover, this my friend.

My hope is that Tim, my husband, will not only love me, but LIKE me.  I want him to find me as fun and humorous as he did when we first dated. I want him to want to be around me just as he would be A Good Friend.