Summer Swim and Sun Dresses

Vintage Vixen!

Summer is sizzling with hot new sun dresses and swimsuit styles! They're so hot that no one needs to be afraid to head to the dressing room to try on the new beach wear style because, if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that the new look really isn’t new at all! The 50’s and 40’s styles have resurfaced in 2010 with their high waist and low cut bottoms, which are sure to please every shape and size. The vintage looking swim suites are hot in solids, polka dot or gingham exactly like their first debut.

Then, after your day at the beach, keep the look with a sassy sundress that sports a bustier top and ‘A’ line skirt. Grab one from a favorite store in the mall or take a day to go vintage store hopping and find an original from the 1950's! I guess the creators of Mad Men knew what they were doing after all! How can we resist the look when even the bold red lip is back for summer?  It all goes together so seamlessly!

So for the perfect summer get away, grab your oversized straw bag and stuff it with a vintage looking one or two piece swim suit, a floral ‘A’ line sundress, red lipstick and a great hat to top it all off. With that, you’ve got the look all in one – flirty, fun, trendy, sophisticated and oh so glamorous! How can you miss?  This year, every girl is sure to catch some great rays while feeling like they own the beach!

Reply & tell us what your favorite summer look is this year.

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