Helen's Wedding - From Single Mom to a Team of 3!

The wedding was beautiful and the bride was absolutely stunning!  After months of planning the day finally arrived Helen married her prince charming, Rolando.  After the two said ‘I do,’ off they sailed to St. Martin to celebrate their union as husband and wife.  As the hours and minutes ticked on before the ceremony, bridesmaids along with family and friends, made sure all of Helen’s explicit plans came together with every single placement of a flower, lemon wedge, candy jar and center piece – thanks to a wonderful wedding coordinator who kept us all in line!  Once everything was in place, it was time to primp; time for the bride to transform into the beautiful princess that she has always been. The Ceremony

5 o’clock had just about arrived when suddenly the Pastor walked in and said 'We must wait a while; the videographer has had a tire blow out but don’t worry, we’ve sent someone out to pick him up.'  At that moment, one had to wonder, ‘Is this all that will happen?’  But without another glitch in the plan, the videographer arrived and the wedding march began.  Guest with their nifty wedding program fans fiercely waved them as the bride glided down the aisle with her porcelain face veiled as she walked arm in arm alongside her father.  Then, the moment that all dads dread just a little, he placed his little girls’ hand in the hands of the man who would now take care of Helen as he promised his love and commitment to her; an exchange of trust to say the least!

The vows were exchanged, communion was taken then just before the kiss, Natalie was called to the altar.  As Helen’s 6-year-old daughter walked over to her mother and stepfather, we all but forgot that it was almost 100 degrees outside!  Helen’s voiced cracked as she proclaimed her love, but the most moving part was when Rolando leaned down to tell his new daughter that the three of them were ‘now a team!’  What a wonderful picture!  One team, all three of them!  As everyone’s struggled to hold back tears, some of us unsuccessfully, the moment changed to laughter as Rolando struggled to unknot the cross necklace that was to be Natalie’s!  Finally, success!  Rolando placed the necklace around her neck and then the moment finally came…..

‘Rolando, the moment you’ve been waiting for,’ proclaimed the Pastor as Rolando whispered an excited ‘Yes!’  You may now kiss the Bride!

First the kiss, then the proclamation of husband and wife and the two walked down the aisle, changed forever, as Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Fernandez!

The Reception

The first dance, as Mr. & Mrs. was a precious moment turned party as Michael Jackson began to blare through the speakers as Part II of the first dance.  In classic Helen style, she got the party started and couldn’t resist doing the water pump dance before the song was done!  With great Bar B Q, surrounded by close friends and family, the bride and groom partied until 10:00 never leaving each other’s side for very long!  Just like it will be forever…

Helen’s example

Throughout the day and into the evening, no one could help but to be reminiscent of the amazing triumphant journey Helen has accomplished.  As a single mom and woman, Helen has been an example of what God can do when we are faithful to Him.  She never once wavered in knowing how wide and deep His love was for her and she felt it more every day as she looked into her own daughter’s eyes.  Through Him, Helen became a strong woman finding a new identity as she walked confidently in her singleness finding success along the way as a mother and career woman.  As a mother, she raised a beautiful young lady that is not only respectful and sweet, but a girl that everyone loves to be around because she is so delightful.  As a single lady, she has shown the world that God is faithful and is the Father of Second chances.

Helen’s wedding day also proved that by surrounding yourself with great people and couples with amazing marriages, continually trusting and leaning on your Creator, dreams and desires for a healthy, wonderful and life-giving marriage really do come true!  What an amazing gift!

No longer are Helen and Natalie but 2, but a team of three!  Congratulations!

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The Bridesmaids and Natalie the Flower girl

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