Avoide the Holiday Weight Gain (You Really Can) Part II

 We are now halfway through our party season.  So far, I have had three unexpected parties. YIKES! The first two scenarios discussed in Part I that can lead to holiday weight gain are the day to day hustle and bustle of shopping and the numerous dinner parties. The third scenario that can get us in trouble is the famous buffet. It can plague us with so many choices, it is overwhelming.  My two favorite strategies to avoid overindulging are:

  1. Scan the buffet before filling my plate

Have you ever filled your plate only to realize your favorite  desert is at the end of the table? We then eat our way to that desert. If you see a favorite treat at the end of the table, skip certain items to save calories until the end. Put your calories where they count to you.

  1. Choose foods that are special to this time of the year

Chips and dips are available anytime; decide to put your calories toward those holiday treats. If you see that every choice is something you can only get on special occasions, try the one-tablespoon rule.  Take a tablespoon of the dishes that look the most interesting, then go back and have more of the BEST one.

And lastly, the fourth scenario that can get us in trouble is NO EXERCISE! Avoiding any type of exercise program during the holiday season does not give us an opportunity to burn off those additional calories. Don’t quit your workout, redesign them.  Look at changing your exercise goals instead of dropping your exercise completely for the season. Can you change your workout times to be more accommodating to your family, shopping needs or social events?  Maybe you only have 20-30 minutes a day instead of the one hour you usually spend or you may only have 3 days instead of 5?  Do what you can do.  Do not adopt the philosophy “if I can’t do what I always do, I won’t do anything at all.”  Doing something is better than doing nothing. 

Of course, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed with a little indulgence.  Pick the one party that you will allow yourself to indulge.  Giving yourself the freedom for that one party, will help you stay focused on your other events by putting into place healthy behaviors.  Think through it and you can avoid the Holiday Weight Gain.  You Really Can!

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