Gossip Girl

I am really not that much of a gossip girl, but I definitely love my share of celebrity news. All the fame, gamour and lavishing lifestyles of these women fascinates me. I remember a point in time when I used to get to work and turn on my computer and the first place I would go to is people.com. Good source by the way. ;) I was so interested, and don't get me wrong I am still very much interested in celebrity news, but it was more of an obsession back then. I was single at that time and I remember using it as my escape to la la land. Man is it hard to face your own drama! I had so many issues going on in my life that learning and reading about other people's drama made me feel better. I know, sad but true. Seriously, did these people really deserve to me judged by someone like me, when I had my share of meltdowns to deal with as well? Not at all, but I still did it without knowing. They wanted to be in the spotlight, so this is what comes with the spotlight. Thats was how I saw it. Since it was so easy to judge them, it started to become easy to judge others around me, like family and friends. Wow what a cycle that can become into! I can say first hand that it's definitly not fun to be judged when all you want and need is compassion. With just a little compassion, it sure can go a long way.