Motivation for the Spring

Yea! We are finally in spring! What a great time to enjoy beautiful weather. As I enjoyed the weather with a nice run this morning, I used this time to reflect on all of Gods blessing and a time of honor and praise for him. So many times we look at the only reason to exercise to loose weight or look better. However, I now realize at this time in my life, my reason for exercising is much different from many years ago. I use it for so many reasons. It is a must for me to keep my sanity with so many daily challenges and different schedules. We may not be able to get in exactly the amount of time we want, but what we can do may be just what we need to give us the energy and peace to move one. What I have noticed is that when I look at all of the benefits of taking time to exercise, it gives me the motivation to get up and do it. My motivation has changed in different seasons in my life, but the benefits are many such as Weight management, self confidence, better health and disease prevention, increase in energy, decrease in stress, a time to spend with God and friends (take a walk and talk with a friend or spend that time in prayer). Tip for better exercising in the spring: Buy your tennis shoes a ½ size bigger, your feet swell when your body heat increases. Plan out your mental motivation. Put inspiring/motivational music together on your ipod or decide that will be your time of quiet reflection, prayer or meditation for the day. See what it is like use that quiet time.

Crystal Breaux Wellness Coach