Sex and the City 2, the movie, the fashion!

Sex and the City….nothing else comes to mind when I hear those words but Fashion, Fashion, Glorious Fashion and of course the city that never sleeps, New York City!  Two of my favorite things! If you haven’t seen the new movie trailer for Sex and the City 2, well what are you waiting for!  Thriving with anticipation, I couldn’t help but to google those four little words in search of the Austin city girls ultimate chick flick.  Then with just one click of the mouse, both of my favorite things came alive for me in an instant! Suddenly there is was!  The sound of that magical song by Mrs.Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, ‘Empire State of Mind’ made so popular by our favorite Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter began to pulse through my computer.  My heart pounded with anticipation growing with every beat of the drum…..then…..bum, bum, bum, bum ‘In New York’.  The fashion, the girls, the city! 

 It’s all there!  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, they’re all there and they’re all fabulous!  And who can forget Mr. Big! But most of all, my favorite character in the whole movie appeared, the clothes!  She is marvelous! Sex and the City Movie Website With my notebook in hand, I will walk out of the theatre on premier night with, if nothing more, my spring/summer shopping list just like so many of us.  Oh the inspiration! I am absolutely positive that Patricia Field, Sex in the City’s wardrobe stylist, will hit the bulls eye making fashion history but once again in our favorite sequel! Patricia, whose visionary creativity for SATC on HBO raised the bar for television glamour, is my hero in the world of fashion stylist! The best news of all is if you want to be really ready for the premier, visit Patricia’s website for some of the trends that you will actually see in the movie to buy yourself! From a $19 Sex and the City T-shirt to the FRANZ style Gold sunglass that Carrie wears for a mere $525 – it’s all there for the taking.  Even the cute, vintage shape white dress that I am sure we have all seen Carrie wearing in all the promotional pictures is available for those who dare to try! But, back to the girls; they are more beautiful than ever which gives us 30 something’s a lot to look forward to!  But while some of us can see a little bit ourselves in each one  them and other’s just don’t understand all the rave, we all love the bond they share as girlfriends and that’s what grabs our hearts making us fall in love with them all over again. So make sure you save the date for May 27th and call your favorite girlfriends because, if just for that one night, it’s all about the girls!  And jus like the movie trailer tells us, ‘Discover how much fun forbidden can be!’ and fandango those tickets!  Sarah Jessica Parker or, shall we say Carrie….here we come!