Fitness, Food & Faith: Crystal Breaux

Today, I have the opportunity to introduce another part of my family; my sister Crystal Breaux.  I can tell you from a life-time of experience, that she is a true inspiration to me and so many others.  From mom, friend and business owner, Crystal is remarkable in understanding who she was created to be and running in her lane with passion.  It's honor to call her sister and to introduce her to the CW Family.

Crystal Breaux

With over 22 years in the fitness industry, I have worked as a personal trainer, group fitness and weight loss instructor, corporate wellness educator, and executive leader for a hospital wellness center.

Today, as a Wellness Coach and Fitness Designer, I am passionate about helping women, individually or in a group, create a fitness,  food and faith design to learn how to manage their weight with healthy eating and exercise and find time with God in a busy world.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband of over 17 years and two children Hannah and Zach.


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