Single in Austin

If you are still single in Austin or for that matter any city in the country, once you get past a certain age, you start getting the looks like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’  Of course people don’t actually say it that way but you know what they mean when they say, ‘Do you think you might be too picky?’ or ‘Have you tried EHarmony? Everyone seems to have the answers and the right direction for you.  The fact is, being single in your 20’s and 30’s or if you find yourself single again for whatever reason, it really is very common unless of course you live in small town like the one I grew up in where it seems like all my classmates except for a few now have teenagers!  The truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; everyone’s journey is different. However, our culture has changed so much that this generation of singles is really quite the norm.  The problem lies most of the time with how the generation before us paints a picture of how they think it should be – marry at 22, kids at 25, buy a house, send the kids to school and then you’re done – that’s the pretty picture.  But how can we do that when in these days we live in a world that has so much to offer, how can we just sit and wait for Prince Charming to come along?  Yes, he will find me and not the other way around, but there is something more while I wait; a plan, a purpose, a life!  Maybe there was something wrong with me.  Maybe I was not doing what God wanted me to do in order accomplish all that I needed to before I got married.  Or maybe, it really just wasn’t the right time.  No matter what the reason, as long as we search our hearts, trust in God and really be honest with ourselves, it doesn’t really matter what the generation before us says or how they look at us – or for that matter how our married friends look at us, this is not their journey.  Because without a doubt, we are carving our own place in history and times have truly changed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t get married at 22, if you find the right one, then do it, God obviously has a different plan for you.  What I am saying is that if you haven’t found the right one yet, then be comfortable with the fact that God may have a different plan for you and it really will be okay.  I finally started getting that in my late 20’s and I wanted to shout it from the rooftop, but I didn’t; because at that point, who cares what other people think, they are going to think whatever they want, no matter what you say!  Those people will never go away and you can rest assure that once your husband does find you, those same people will say, ‘Well it’s about time,’ with which you want to scream, ‘I didn’t know him 5 years ago, was I just suppose to get married because I was at a ripe age?’  But don’t do it, they’ll never get it!  So if you’re single in Austin or any city in the world, just be secure in knowing who you are and who God made you to be.  God has a plan and a purpose for you even now while you are single! For more on living Single with purpose, come out to Elevate 10!